MYtv Online standard terms & conditions apply to all bookings:


  • New material must be submitted 3 days before first placement and video material 14 days for quality checking.


  • Grammar and spelling are crucial, as well as aspect ratio. Sound must peak at 0 db. Content that it not as per specification will be sent back for corrections.


  • Rates quoted include Agency commission on net cost unless otherwise stated.


  • Adverts flighted on the MYtv Satellite platform may be subject to spot changes by the platform provider, and MYtv cannot be held liable for spots moving in the event these changes occur

  • In the event of the website failing, for any reason whatsoever, to place an advert or program in terms of any agreement between the Advertiser and MYTV ONLINE, new dates/terms will be negotiated.


  • Annual negotiated deals and/or negotiated package deals must be committed in writing and signed by both parties before any negotiated rates and/or terms come into effect.


  • The Advertising Agency that enters this contract on behalf of the Advertiser warrants that it has the necessary authority from their Advertiser to do so and such Agency shall be liable to pay MYTV ONLINE any amounts owed by the Advertiser in terms of this agreement.


  • The Advertiser agrees that the broadcaster of the advertisement is subject to the provisions of the Advertising Standards Authority Code and that MYTV ONLINE is entitled to withdraw any advertisement it may deem as contradictory to the mentioned Code and which may lead to any possible legal actions against MYTV ONLINE.


  • If the Advertiser refuses or fails to pay any amount due to MYTV ONLINE in terms of this agreement, MYTV ONLINE shall be entitled to cancel this agreement or suspend the placement of existing adverts.


  • All billings must be settled immediately on receipt of invoice or as per payment terms agreed and outlined on booking. Interest will be charged on late payment, at the maximum rate permissible by law. Long term placements will be suspended until accounts are in good standing.

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